Chiropractic Testimonials

"I was in severe pain, had six injections and was taking 600 mg of pain pills per day. After my treatment at Modern Chiropractic, I'm cooking and baking and tending to my plants again. Please go to Modern Chiropractic, they will get you well."

- E. Stutes

"Before going to Modern Chiropractic the pain in my low-back, hip & leg was excruciating - an 11 on a scale of 1-to-10. Each treatment I had was always explained to me in detail and at this time I've improved 90%. This is such a compassionate and professional family and I would greatly and honestly recommend them to anyone."

- G. Brasseaux

"I had tingling & burning in my feet with pain in my knees. The treatment is very relaxing and painless, and it has helped my feet tremendously. If you are having neuropathy you definitely need to give Modern Chiropractic a try."

- W. Viator

"I have been taking my 4 month old daughter to get adjusted by Dr. Marino since she was born and she has never been sick. Our whole family sees Dr. Marino and I truly believe its what keep us healthy and well."

- K. Winter


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